Two golden-haired girls whose unique merry banter makes the show go with a laugh. The two girls are like chalk and cheese, Adie, is well brought up, prim and proper, and Shelby, is a reformed wild child. The girls have worked together for many years and they have forged a strong bond and friendship.

Join them for the Adie & Shelby Show every weekend on Broadland Radio, Saturday 10am - 1pm and repeated again (just in case you missed it) on Sundays from 1pm - 4pm

Ben Johnson and Lucy Webber started their broadcasting life together at Radio Odstock in Salisbury back in 2010. Ben had already been involved in radio since 2003 and Lucy since 2009.

Over the years Ben and Lucy have remained friends, but like many friends have had their differences because that is life and that is friendship! Since 2013 they have been reunited on the radio, and up until recently were the presenters of 'The Mix Up' show for various radio stations.

Both Ben and Lucy are in love with radio! For Ben it's basically his life!! Ben can be found in the studio at all hours of the day because basically he lives there! When not on the radio Ben enjoys chilling out with friends or playing with satellite dishes!! While Lucy loves working out at the gym and doing artwork.

The pair do three programmes over the weekend on Broadland Radio. Their Friday show is from 2pm-4pm and contains loads of current music and music from the past few years. You'll also hear a few classics too. Their Saturday and Sunday show is from 4pm-7pm and contains a wide variety of hits, and the not so big hits too! Ben and Lucy also love to have a good natter on the radio!

Both Ben and Lucy would love to hear from you! So email them via

A little bit about myself and the show……….

Spirit Of Rock is a weekly show which is a tribute show to Tommy Vance and the Friday Rock show, which is also on at the same day and time as his show was [Friday 10.00 pm ‘til Midnight and some weeks ‘til 1.00 am] it has the famous Lie back and enjoy slot which is anything from 20 minutes to 90 minutes depending what the listeners request, and occasionally the Friday Night Connection, once a year around March I do a Tommy Vance anniversary show with his jingles and voice clips as he inspired thousands of us into this world of Rock and Metal, and I proudly carry the torch for Tommy and his show.

I also do specials like the famous bands from the past, like NWOBHM, Spider. Hawkwind, Uriah Heep, Jon Lord and also the god of metal each year in May…..
Ronnie James Dio! and they always go down well.

I'm looking forward to your company for the Spirit of Rock on Broadland Radio from 10pm every Friday.

A disc jockey and radio presenter most of his life, Martin enjoys performing and being just a little bit different from time to time. He has presented shows commercially on local radio stations across the UK and for community radio when he gets the chance to help out as well.

"There is nothing I like more that entertaining people and making hem smile. In fact my personal mission in life is to make a complete stranger smile every day...

I would love your company if you can join me. If you get the chance to drop me a text or email while I am on air that would be even better."

Martin will be on air twice a day from Monday to Friday on Broadland Radio. Join him for breakfast from 7am - 10pm - Great music with weather and travel news plus the odd brain teaser too. Then the Drive Home from 4pm -7pm "See you there!..."

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